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Tromsø at midnight in June

Strategies for recovering metabolic homeostasis and ventricular function in the diseased heart


Welcome to the 12th Annual Meeting of the Society for Heart and Vascular Metabolism. The Society was founded in 2000, with the intent of providing a forum for the free exchange of ideas by a group of investigators that had a special interest in the multiple roles of intermediary metabolism in the cardiovascular system. An important aim of the Society is to foster interactions between young investigators and senior scientists in an informal setting. Our meetings are deliberately designed to maximize these interactions. There is growing recognition of the importance of metabolic homeostasis across many areas of medical research, including the cardiovascular arena. The Society for Heart and Vascular Metabolism intends to remain at the vanguard of this important area.

The theme of the 2014 meeting is "Strategies for recovering metabolic homeostasis and ventricular function in the diseased heart". Alterations in cardiac metabolism will over time translate into structural and functional changes, which may eventually lead to the progression of heart failure. The 2014 meeting will therefore focus on novel scientific discoveries giving mechanistic insight in cardiac metabolic dysregulation, as well as therapeutic strategies for its treatment, focusing both on the molecular and more integrated level. As in prior meetings there will be good opportunities for young investigators to give oral presentations in addition to expanded poster sessions. The organising committee has put together an interesting programme and is proud and excited to invite both old and new members of the society to Tromsø and its beautiful surroundings in Northern Norway. We look forward to seeing you soon, making the 12th annual meeting a great success for the SHVM!

With best wishes,

Terje S. Larsen, Ph.D.

Ellen Aasum, Ph.D.

Jan Glatz, Ph.D.
President, SHVM




27 January 2014


04 April 2014

Late registrations will be accepted until 21 May 2014 at a higher fee.


27 January 2014


17 March 2014


31 January 2014


04 April 2014

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Organising Committee

Terje S. Larsen (Co-Chair)

Tromsø, Norway

Ellen Aasum (Co-Chair)

Tromsø, Norway

Jan Glatz

Maastricht, Netherlands

Martin E. Young

Birmingham, AL, USA


Local Partner

Tromsø Event AS

A wealth of general information about Tromsø can be found here.


Organising secretariat

Azuleon Meetings